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Top 5 Best Vacuum Sealer You Can Buy in 2021. Expert Reviews and Buying Guide.
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1. Best Overall
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A heavy-duty food sealer, with a powerful vacuum pump. It's capable of sealing over 50 pounds of meat in large packages.


Powerful and durable. Can seal large amounts of continuously. Transparent lid lets you see the sealing process inside.


Takes up a lot of space. Doesn't come with built-in roll storage and cutter. Works only with a specific type of bag.

Weston Pro 2300

Weston's Pro 2300 vacuum sealer doesn't come with any clever accessories, and it won't win any beauty contests, but when it comes to sealing food, it simply blows the competition out of the water. This beast of a machine is made for heavy-duty sealing. If you have a massive amount of meat that needs to be kept fresh, you can seal the pieces continuously, without worrying about wear and tear, which is why this model is particularly popular with deer hunters. It doesn't complain, it just asks for more.

The stainless steel body takes up a bit of counter space, so it's not something you occasionally use to seal up a sandwich or a few apples. Equipped with a double-piston, fan-cooled pump, the Weston Pro 2300 is capable of sealing anything you throw at it in under a minute, in bags that are up to 15-inches wide. If you return from a successful hunting trip, you could vacuum seal well over 50 pounds of venison, without having to wait between each sealing process to let the machine cool down.

Although its vacuuming power is vastly superior to most sealers on the market, the Pro 2300 can be gentle as well. You can use the unit in manual or automatic mode, depending on what you need to seal. With meat and most fruits, you can let it do all the vacuuming for you. Alternatively, if you want to seal bread or other foods that may crumble or get crushed, you can turn to the manual sealing function to control the vacuum pressure yourself.

You don't need a manual to operate the Pro 2300. There are no more than three buttons, on the top part of the machine, which you can press to start and stop the automatic vacuuming process and to seal your package manually. You can press the manual seal button at any time, to interrupt the vacuum pump and heat seal the plastic. This function is also helpful since you can use it separately, to create new bags, out of rolled plastic.

With most sealers, you don't get to see what is going on inside. However, the Weston Pro 2300 comes with a transparent acrylic lid, which allows you to see vacuuming and sealing process and adjust the bag's position if necessary. Also, the bright LEDs inside makes the plastic and its edges visible, even in poorly-lit kitchens. The machine may not look as pretty as other appliances on your premium kitchen counter, but when it comes to keeping large quantities of food fresh, you won't find anything else that will serve you better.

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This chamber vacuum sealer is designed for heavy-duty food sealing. It's highly reliable, and it looks good in any kitchen.


Its oil pump removes air quickly and quietly. You can use any heat seal plastic pouches, even cheap ones.


The machine is larger than external vacuum sealers. It's also more expensive.

VAC-VIDA VS301 Vacuum Chamber Sealer

VAC-VIDA's VS301 Vacuum Chamber Sealer is not something you will see in every household, but you'd wish you had it. Unlike most external vacuum sealers, this machine is a chamber sealer. Instead of placing a bag's open end inside the machine and struggling to align it, you put the entire bag inside, and the device will suck out all the air and seal your food perfectly. It's a more expensive solution, but it's also more efficient, and it costs less to maintain.

Like all devices of its class, the VS301 takes up more space than most external vacuum sealers, but it can still fit on your kitchen counter among other appliances. It's no larger than a microwave oven, and its black-coated stainless steel design fits perfectly in any modern-day kitchen. Also, its transparent lid, located on the top side, lets you see the vacuuming and sealing process inside. You can open the lid and load your food pouch without any effort, and finish with the sealing process in no time.

The VS301 uses a heavy-duty 1/4 horsepower oil pump, which removes all the air from the chamber and your food packets as quickly as possible while making less noise than an ordinary dry pump. Its inner workings are quite sturdy, so you can safely use the sealer continuously, even with heavy loads. You can put anything, from seeds or fruit to large pieces of venison in your plastic bags, place them in the machine and your food will be sealed perfectly in just a few seconds. You can even put liquids or experiment with new recipes that involve mashed food. One of the best aspects of the VS301 is that it works with almost any kind of plastic pouch. It doesn't restrict you to a particular brand, and you can even use cheaper pouches and make a significant saving.

The operating method is a bit different from that of external sealers, but you won't find it too difficult to handle. You don't get to press a single button to start the vacuum sealing or to select an operating mode, which may not be popular with some users, but you do get more control over the process.

The VS301 lets you manually input the pumping time, sealing temperature and the seal length, by pressing a few buttons, on a small panel, on the machine's front. You can decide to remove all the air from your food pouch or be more gentle with the vacuuming if you intend to seal fragile foods that may crumble or get crushed. Regardless of what foods you want to keep for a later date, you can certainly rely on this powerful chamber sealer to seal it and keep it fresh for a long time.

3. Best Value
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An affordable vacuum sealer with many interesting features. It helps you preserve food in plastic bags, zipper bags, mason jars or marinade containers.


Plastic roll container with a built-in cutter. Handheld sealer attached to the device, for sealing jars and marinating food.


It doesn't come with an automatic plastic roller. Plastic bags are not reusable and they're a bit expensive.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 Series

The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 is probably the best pick if you're looking for a good and affordable food sealing solution. While there are cheaper alternatives out there, as well as more advanced ones, the 4800 series certainly hits the sweet spot when it comes to price and convenience. It comes with several neat features and accessories, which can help you seal any foods, regardless if they're wet or dry.

The device's dimensions and design make it fit well into any kitchen, like any household appliance. The best part is that FoodSaver has made it extremely easy to operate. It is capable of detecting plastic when you insert it, and it automatically starts the vacuum sealing process. You only need to put your food into a heat seal bag and place the open end into the machine, and the device will do the rest. You can track the vacuum sealing progress with the help of a series of LEDs, which light up one by one.

The FoodSaver 4800 comes with a button for switching it between Dry and Moist modes. This single button makes the device perfect for any kitchen because it sets it to different vacuum strengths. If you switch to the moist mode, the machine will suck out moisture and gather it in a drip tray, which is an excellent solution for fruits and meat, since they won't get any freezer burns. Alternatively, you can switch to the Dry mode, to turn down the vacuum strength and avoid crushing fragile foods.

The sealer comes with several heat seal bags, zipper vacuum seal bags, as well as a roll of heat seal plastic, which you can place into a built-in compartment inside the machine. It also comes equipped with a cutter, so you can make your bags smaller or larger, depending on what you need to seal. The device has a dedicated button for sealing so that you can close one end of the bag, without needlessly starting the vacuuming process.

The retractable handheld sealer is a trademark feature of FoodSaver products. The handheld sealer has a special stand, built into the device, and you can take it out and use it when you need to vacuum seal zipper bags, mason jars, bottles or other similar containers. What's more, you can switch the handheld sealer to Marinate mode, for when you need to marinate meat. You can place your meat in a special container, along with any sauces and use the handheld device to suck out the air, to preserve your food. The lack of air will make the meat absorb the sauce and flavor much faster, and it will also prevent spoiling for a long time.

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An affordable external vacuum sealer with a surprising amount of features, which make it an effective and convenient solution.


Powerful suction and secure double seals. Pulse vacuum for sealing fragile foods. Compatible with third-party accessories.


It doesn't come with its own accessories. The body design is a bit plain.

Nesco American Harvest VS-12

Nesco's American Harvest VS-12 doesn't look like anything special on the surface, but if you take a close look at its features, you will see why it's counted among the best vacuum sealers on the market. Despite its rather plain appearance, this device is powerful enough to suck out all the air from your food bags, but it also gives you enough control over the suction to seal more delicate foods and to apply additional seals on the bags. Its dimensions are perfectly reasonable even for smaller kitchens, and its intuitive controls allow you to use it efficiently, even if you've never seen a vacuum sealer before.

The VS-12 has more suction power than other products in its price range, due to its double vacuum pump, which gives you the possibility of vacuum sealing a considerable amount of food in a short amount of time. The lid locks easily into place, so you don't have to press down on it or risk a faulty seal. Also, the controls have clear labels and LEDs to indicate your current settings, so you will always know what you're doing.

The machine lets you choose between two pressure settings, for dry and moist foods, which gives you the possibility of sealing anything, from seeds to meet. What's more, the VS-12's pulse-vacuuming button gives you full control to gently pump out as much air as you need, to avoid crushing fragile or brittle foods, like bread or pastry. Furthermore, you can decide to apply a double seal on your bag, with just one press of a button, to make sure your food will stay perfectly sealed and safe from freezer burns.

A feature that makes the VS-12 worthwhile is the built-in plastic roll storage. Furthermore, this storage compartment is perfectly in line with the device, so you won't see any bulges that make it look larger than it has to be. Also, the storage compartment includes a sliding cutter, which gives you the possibility of making bags of varying sizes, without having to look for any scissors. Once you open the lid, you can cut out a piece of plastic that would accommodate the food you want to preserve, and use the manual sealing option on the device, to close the plastic at one end and create your new bag.

The sealer works with any plastic roll brand, so you don't have to waste time looking for something specific. Also, the machine supports bags with a width of up to 11.8 inches, which is perfectly reasonable for storing any food you have in your kitchen, from seeds to raw stakes. Though it doesn't come with any accessories, the Nesco VS-12 has a built-in accessories port, to which you can connect a handheld sealer and suck out the air from mason jars or zipper bags. You can even use accessories from other vacuum sealer brands, so if you have one laying around, you don't need to spend the extra money.

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This inexpensive vacuum sealer takes up little storage space, and it is capable of sealing bags and other containers quickly and silently.


Lightweight, affordable and easy to use. Compact size allows for easy storage. It's more silent than a vacuum cleaner.


You can't work with bags that are wider than 12 inches. It comes with a small number of bags.

SARKI Vacuum Sealer

Although it's not the best value or best overall product in our list, though it came close, the SARKI Vacuum Sealer definitely deserves a special mention, due to its attractive design and ease of use. Due to its reduced dimensions, the sealer is a good fit in small kitchens, where storage space is an issue. It has multiple operating modes, it's quieter than most sealers, and it's exceptionally simple to use. Also, the sleek design makes it an excellent addition to modern kitchens.

SARKI's device can handle bags with a width of up to 12 inches, which is a bit limited if you compare it to other products, but you can still vacuum seal a good amount of meat, fruit, vegetables or any other food you have in your kitchen. What's more, the sealer works significantly faster than other similar devices, and the best part is that it produces less noise than a vacuum cleaner.

You can switch between several operating modes, for different food types, by simply touching a series of soft buttons, on the left side of the device. If you want to seal something that can easily break or crumble, you can touch a button to switch the sealer from normal to gentle suction. You can also alternate between Moist and Dry modes if you want to such out the moisture when sealing meat or fruit or vacuum out all the air to preserve seeds or other dried foods.

A handle on the side of the sealer allows you to secure the lid into place easily. You have good clearance when opening the device so you can comfortably place the bag's end into the machine, after which you can close it and turn the handle, instead of pressing down on the lid. Once you've selected an operating mode, you only need to wait for a few seconds to thoroughly vacuum-seal your bag and preserve your food.

The machine has two additional operating modes, besides vacuum sealing bags, which you can comfortably select by tapping its touch-screen buttons. If you need to make your own bags, out of plastic rolls, you can choose the Seal option, to heat up and close the inserted plastic, without sucking any air. What's more, the SARKI Sealer comes with a canister mode, for sucking up the air out of mason jars, zipper bags or other similar containers, so you are not limited to simple plastic bags. If you want to marinate meat or prepare a snack for work or school, you can select this mode and use the vacuum tube that comes with the sealer to seal the food and prevent spoilage.

The SARKI Vacuum Sealer includes a few heat seal bags, as well as a plastic roll from which you can make more bags. Though some users see the limited number of bags as a drawback, the good news is that SARKI's device doesn't restrict you to a particular brand of bag. You can use it with any heat seal bag or roll on the market, so you don't have to waste money on expensive proprietary bag models. Also, while its 12-inch sealing length may not be enough for some users, this vacuum sealer is more than enough if you need to keep your food fresh in a small household.

Vacuum Sealer Shopping Guide

When we buy too much food, we usually end up throwing away a good portion of it because we don't get a chance to cook it. If you feel guilty that you throw away food, while world hunger is an issue, then you might want to get a vacuum sealer. These devices suck out all the air from around the food, which prevents freezer burns and reduces the rate of spoilage considerably. They are particularly useful if you buy food in bulk and need to store it for more than a week. According to the manufacturers, vacuum sealed food can last between three and five times longer, some claiming even longer. Regardless if you believe them or not, there is no denying that sealed food is kept much better.

You can discover many other advantages if you buy a vacuum sealer. Besides storing food safely, you could also enjoy a fresh snack at work or on a road trip. Furthermore, if you place your meat and sauce in a marinade jar and remove all the air, the meat will suck the sauce and flavor more effectively. You can even use a vacuum sealer for other purposes, besides preserving food. For example, you could seal an important document, to protect it from liquid spills and degrading elements.

You can find numerous vacuum sealers on the market, in all shapes and sizes, and you may find it difficult to figure out which one is the best for you. You don't want to underspend on a device that will last you only a few months, but you also don't want to overspend on top-of-the-line equipment and use it occasionally to seal a few apples and a sandwich.

You have to consider various factors before deciding on a specific product. Even if you don't plan to seal food too often, you can't really trust a cheap model to serve you well. If you invest in a mid-range vacuum sealer, you won't have to deal with insufficient suction or faulty seals, and you won't have to replace the device anytime soon. Also, while looking at mid-range sealers, you will definitely want to look for as many features and accessories as possible. A storage compartment inside the device relieves you from storing the plastic roll in a cupboard, and it can also help you cut it to a precise length if it comes with a built-in cutter. You may also find a device that comes with a detachable handheld sealer, which enables you to remove the air from zipper bags and mason jars, to marinate meat or prepare a tasty snack for a road trip.

You shouldn't spend a fortune on a vacuum sealer, but you shouldn't cheap out and get a basic one either. A mid-range device is perfect for regular everyday use in home kitchens, and it won't put a significant strain on your budget. However, if you need to seal food on a larger scale, in a restaurant or a small butchery, a high-tier sealer will serve your needs much better, even if the asking price is higher. Regardless of how you look at it, there are no drawbacks to getting a vacuum sealer. You can keep your food fresh and tasty for much longer, and you won't end up wasting money on food that you will eventually throw away.

What to Look For When Buying Vacuum Sealer

More controls are better

The possibility of pushing a single button to start pumping and sealing is what makes a device convenient, but there are other controls you will want to have. An option for manual or pulse vacuuming lets you remove air bit-by-bit, which is particularly useful when sealing fragile foods, like bread, pastry or biscuits.

If the sealer doesn't have a pulse vacuum option, it may have an option for switching to a gentle suction mode, for the same purpose. In the worst-case scenario, the device should at least come with a Cancel button, to stop vacuuming before it crushes the delicate food inside the bag.

Options for dry and moist modes are also welcomed. If the food contains a considerable amount of water, the machine's moist mode will ensure a better and longer-lasting seal on the bag. Ideally, a vacuum sealer should have all of these options available.

Noise vs. suction power

Depending on the suction mechanism, some sealers are as noisy as a vacuum cleaner, while others are much quieter. Usually, you can't have a powerful vacuum without making some noise. If you have the patience to wait a bit longer to seal a bag, you can opt for a machine with a softer pumping, or you could look for one that comes with a silent running option. You could also look for oil pump machines, which are powerful and quiet, but more expensive.

Plastic brand and bag reusability

When you buy a vacuum sealer, you will find a few plastic bags included in the package, as well as one or more rolls of plastic, which you have to seal at both ends. Some machines only work with a particular brand of plastic, so you have to think about how much food you will seal and how many bags you will need to buy in the future. You also need to take the width of the bag into account. A machine that supports a width of 10 inches or more is ideal since it lets you seal more food in a single packet.

An effective sealer, with numerous features, may satisfy your needs, but it may have a significant impact on your wallet if it restricts you to proprietary plastic. If you intend to seal food on a regular basis, opting for a machine that supports multiple brands of plastic would be a sensible choice. Even if the device is not as powerful as you'd expect, the possibility of using any plastic will save you a pretty penny in the long run.

Suction power and sealing

Obviously, the more power your machine has, the more air it can remove from a plastic bag and it can also do it faster. The best vacuum sealers are capable of exerting pressures of about 25 inHg, but if you go lower to around 20 inHg, you can still expect good suction power.

The simple truth of the matter is that modern mid-range vacuum sealers have enough power to remove all the air from a plastic bag quickly and effectively, so you don't have to worry too much about pressure values. A more important aspect is how well a machine can seal the bag, once the air is out. A wide sealing gasket is always preferable because they accommodate larger bags, in which you can fit more food. Furthermore, devices that come with options for double sealing or manually sealing bags are always a good choice.

The advantages of accessories

Accessories are what make a vacuum sealer convenient. A built-in plastic roll container is always welcomed, and a cutting mechanism can make it even better because it spares you from looking around your kitchen for a pair of scissors. One of the best accessories to look for is a detachable handheld sealer because it gives you the possibility of sealing zipper bags and mason jars, besides plastic bags, so you can marinate meat or prepare a snack for a trip.

Vacuum sealer type

Handheld vacuum sealers are the cheapest, but they are also quite limited in terms of functionality. You can use them to pump the air out of mason jars and zipper bags, but don't expect them to be too powerful.

External vacuum sealers are the most popular. They are capable of pumping the air out of small, medium and, in some instances, large plastic bags. Some of them come with special accessories, for zipper bags and mason jars. These devices are also easy to operate. You only need to place the open end of a bag inside the machine and push a button.

Chamber vacuum sealers are the best solution for preserving food, but they are also the most expensive. They look like small microwave ovens, and you have to place the entire bag inside. Though they're not as intuitive as their external cousins, chamber sealers give you more control over suction and sealing.

How Much Should I Pay for Vacuum Sealer?

Basic Vacuum Sealer

You can find handheld and external vacuum sealers as cheap as $30, but this low price is usually a clear representation of their reliability. Basic sealers are suitable for occasional use. If you want to keep a piece of meat fresh for the weekend or pack some fruit or sandwiches for a trip, then you don't need to spend more than $80 on a sealer.

Mid Range Vacuum Sealer

If you want to get a reliable vacuum sealer without spending a fortune, you can surely find one in this price range. You will have to spend somewhere between $100 and $200. The price tag of certain models may go even higher, but it's still a good investment because you can get a highly effective vacuum sealer, with a wide range of useful features and accessories, which you can use on a regular basis to keep your food fresh.

High End Vacuum Sealer

Lower and mid-range sealers can break after extensive use. If you need to seal large quantities of food, then you will need a high-end product. Prices start from around $350, and they can go well beyond $1000. Chamber vacuum sealers are the most common products in this price range, but you can still find a few external sealers as well. These heavy-duty devices won't show signs of wear and tear anytime soon, so you can use them continuously. Though they are more suitable for restaurants, they still fit well in home kitchens. You could hunt deer and use one of these machines to seal a large amount of venison in no time.