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Top 5 Best Composting Toilet You Can Buy in 2021. Expert Reviews and Buying Guide.
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1. Best Overall
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The best composting toilet you will find. It's light and portable, it has a sturdy construction and eliminates bad odors.


Light, portable, and easy to use. Hygienic composting process with no foul odors.


The liquids container has to be emptied frequently. The composting chamber isn't completely airtight.

Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle

Many consider Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle the best product of its kind. This composting toilet was designed and built by professional sailors, according to the specific needs of people who spend time away from their homes and the plumbing and other utilities they take for granted. Its reduced dimensions and the fact that it's entirely self-contained makes it ideal for any usage scenario. Whether you want a more eco-friendly solution in your home or you wish to go somewhere where plumbing is not available, this is the number one solution for your number two.

One of the best aspects of the Nature's Head is the complete lack of foul odors, which is due to its dry composting system. It separates liquids and solids and stores them in different containers, and the built-in vent pipe, with its electric fan, will remove any odors. As a result, the decomposition of solid waste more hygienic because the lack of fluids in the compost prevents the buildup of bad smells and the risk of leaks. The best part is that your stomach won't be turned inside out by horrible smells when it's time to empty the solids container. The composted waste looks and smells like ordinary dirt, so you won't be grossed out while cleaning the tank. The only minor drawback is that you have to empty the liquid container more often.

The Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet has a sturdy construction so you can use it confidently for many years. Though you won't sit on it like on the Iron Throne, the toilet is still more comfortable than most port-a-potties on the market. It has plenty of room for adults to do their duty without feeling awkward. What's more, the system is quite easy to use. You only need to throw in some carbon material, like sawdust, dry leaves or straw, once your business is done and turn a handle to send the waste to the lower compartment. Also, the toilet lets you speed up the composting process by occasionally turning a hand crank, located on its side.

One of the main advantages of the Nature's Head is the fact that it doesn't require any water for flushing. People estimate that about 30% of a household's water consumption is just for flushing toilets, which makes the product a significant water saver. You will spend less money on your utility bills, and you don't have to carry the extra water with you, for flushing purposes, when you go camping.

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This compact composting toilet fits in any tight places, and it doesn't require too much assembly. It composts human waste in a clean, hygienic and odorless manner.


Compact and portable. Emergency drain prevents overflow and messy accidents. Electrical ventilation keeps bad smells away.


It can't be used by too many people due to its small size. Ventilation system hums constantly.

Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Sun-Mar is among the first composting toilet manufacturers, and their products are still quite competitive. The Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet is an excellent pick from their line of products. While other Sun-Mar composting toilets are usually taller than your average throne, the compact has a lower profile, which makes it easier to use. Apart from its reduced size, there are no significant differences between this product and its larger brethren. It offers an effective waste composting system, with no odor and without the need for water, and the best part is that it blends in with any bathroom.

Sun-Mar uses a patented Bio-drum, where human waste goes through several layers, in which it gets decomposed and turned into compost. The toilet is self-contained, which means that you don't have to link it to an existing plumbing system. More important, you don't have to put any water in it. Instead, you only have to put peat moss or sawdust and occasionally turn a handle to mix it with the waste. Dried up and composted material ends up in a tray, at the base of the unit, which you can easily and safely remove, by simply pulling it out like a drawer.

The unit doesn't have a liquids separation system so everything will go into the same drum. However, the Sun-Mar's heating and ventilation system will evaporate the liquids and dry up the solids, for an active composting. The ventilation system consists of an electrical fan, which you can plug into a wall socket, as well as a pipe through which you can divert the foul air away from your bathroom. Furthermore, the Sun-Mar's emergency drain outlet can prevent overflow if you can't rely on a constant power supply to keep the ventilation running at all times, so you will never have to deal with messy accidents.

The unit's fiberglass body has an ergonomic design, which makes it blend in quite well in a modern bathroom. The most important part is that its low profile allows you to install it anywhere, whether it's in your house, in a barn or on a camping site. Also, the unit requires minimal assembly, so you can start using it in no time.

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This composting toilet fits anywhere, even in a closet. It doesn't use any water, and it doesn't rely on any plumbing.


Small size allows you to fit it anywhere. Built-in turbo-fan that dries up solid waste and eliminates odors.


You can't connect the turbo-fan to a battery. Cleaning and maintaining the unit can be a bit messy.


If you need a septic solution for a place with little or no plumbing, the Sun-Mar Corp CCES-01601W SPACESAVER composting toilet could make things easier, especially if you don't have a lot of storage space. Although regular family use is not possible, because of its small size, the unit is ideal for occasional use in vacation homes or on camping sites. You don't need to hook it up to a plumbing system, it's completely odorless, and it can fit in a closet.

The toilet uses Sun-Mar's patented Bio-drum, where all the human waste gets decomposed into compost. Its built-in heating and ventilation system evaporates liquid waste and dries up the solids until it turns into safe and clean fertilizer. The waste material decomposes inside the Bio-drum, and you don't have to deal with any bad smells. You can remove the composted material just by pulling out a drawer, at the base of the unit, without having to see or smell the waste itself.

The most important feature of the composting toilet is the fact that it doesn't require any water, so you can significantly reduce water consumption, as well as your utility bills. Peat moss or plain old sawdust is all you have to put in it, and you must occasionally turn a handle to mix it with the waste and accelerate the composting process. You also need to plug the toilet's turbo-fan into a power outlet for an efficient liquids evaporation. However, if you don't have a constant power supply, you can make use of the unit's emergency drain, so you don't have to worry about overflow.

The SPACESAVER is smaller than a regular toilet, so you can fit it in any corner or even install it in an RV. Despite its reduced dimensions, the unit is still comfortable to sit on, especially if nature calls in the most inopportune moments. What's more, the toilet comes with an attachable stool, which can help you keep a healthy posture and it can also make things more comfortable for children.

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A well designed composting toilet that requires no water. Its sleek design makes it fit perfectly in any bathroom or cottage.


Designed for external waste composting. Comfortable, ergonomic design. Weight-activated trap door. AC/DC-powered ventilation system.


It doesn't have a liquids container. You have to assemble a pipe and connect it to an external collector.

Separett Villa 9210 DC/AC

There is a lot to like about the Separett Villa 9210. It works great in any environment, from small homes to camping sites with limited or no plumbing. It's easy to use and maintain, and its ergonomic design makes it look quite attractive. This light, but robust composting toilet fits perfectly, regardless if you want to install it in your bathroom or a barn. What's more, Separett has designed their product specifically for clean and hygienic composting, so you don't have to face unsettling sites or foul odors.

Separett went for a traditional design for the Villa 9210. It looks like a conventional flushing toilet, though a bit smaller so that it would fit anywhere. One of the most attractive features is its weight-activated trap door, which automatically opens when you sit on the toilet and closes back when you get up. Furthermore, since there is no flushing of any kind involved, you can relive yourself without touching the toilet.

The inside of the Villa 9210 consists of two parts, where solids and liquids go on separate paths. The only downside is that there is no container for liquids. It plumbs them through a pipe to a collector of your choice, which can be a grey water system or a septic tank, so you need to do some assembly before you can use the toilet, though it's not difficult at all. On the bright side, Separett has designed the solids collection system in a way that allows it to decompose outside of the toilet.

The stool goes into a plastic container, which you can fit with a liner bag. When it's full, you can put a lid on it and remove it without any effort. You can take the sealed container outside so that the waste can decompose into compost away from your bathroom. What's more, the Villa 9210 comes with two such containers, so you will always have a spare.

An important feature of the Villa 9210 is the electric ventilation system, which dries up the solid waste, to accelerate the composting process and to eliminate bad smells. The toilet supports both AC and DC input, so you can use a battery or a solar resource if you plan to use it off the grid, but you can also plug it into a wall socket if you want to install it in your home.

5. Best Value
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The best composting toilet when it comes to portability. It's small, sleek and comfortable, and it's easy to operate.


It can be stored and carried anywhere. Sealed waste container prevents terrible smells. Electric flushing and easy to use liquids draining system.


Not the most reliable composting solution, since it doesn't have a separate container for liquids and no ventilation.

Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet for RV

While some people wouldn't view it as an actual composting toilet, Thetford's Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet can serve as one. The composting process may not be as straightforward as you'd like, but the unit makes up for this by placing a heavy focus on comfort, hygiene, and convenience, not to mention portability. Due to its self-contained, battery-powered flushing system, you don't have to connect it to any plumbing or plug it into a power source. It's an ideal septic solution in RVs, trucks, boats, on camping sites or in any place where there is no plumbing or electricity available.

Though it's not the ideal composting solution, the Porta Potti blows its competition out of the water when it comes to design and functionality. Due to its low profile, the unit can easily fit in a cupboard or the trunk of your car. It has a sleek and streamlined body, with inline handles and covers, which enable you to fill the unit with water, safely dispose of waste, store toilet paper, and drain liquids. The best part is that none of the toilet's features feel like they are in your way when using the restroom.

Although it uses some water for flushing, the Porta Potti comes with a built-in water tank, which you can quickly fill up after removing a simple cover. What's more, the included funnel will help you pour the water without spilling it, and an indicator on the toilet itself lets you know if it's time to fill it up again.

The battery-powered flushing system ensures that you don't have to touch the unit more than you have to. Human waste goes into the unit's lower compartment, which is completely sealed, so you can store the toilet anywhere, without worrying about horrible smells. Though it doesn't come with a separate container for liquid waste, the unit has a clean and straightforward draining system, which enables you to safely eliminate stored urine, and let the solids decompose into compost.

You can detach the upper half of the toilet with a single move, after which you may dump the composted waste in the lower half or store it into a bigger composting unit, without making a mess. If making fertilizer is not your main priority, the Porta Potti is a good choice if you need a portable septic solution.

Composting Toilet Shopping Guide

Creating compost is quite tricky, especially if you need it to fertilize a small garden around your house. Creating a cesspool near your home would be unsafe and even illegal, the best solution is to get a composting toilet. These specially designed thrones have many uses and advantages. Besides creating compost safely and cleanly, you can also reduce your footprint on the environment because they don't use any water, which also means cheaper utility bills. What's more, there are many models which are designed to be portable so that they can serve as an excellent septic solution in vacation homes, in RVs or on camping sites.

There are a few aspects you need to consider before you start looking for a composting toilet. You should base your choice on how and where you intend to use the object. If you want to install it in your house for the entire family, then it will cost you a sizable amount of money on a high-end toilet, and you will also have some work to do before you can use it, but the amount of compost you can produce would be enough to fertilize a small farm.

Mid-range models are the most convenient, and you can find a wide variety of products in this category. Some of them look and feel like traditional toilets, so you don't have to worry about ruining your bathroom's aesthetics. Other composting toilet models may not seem too attractive, but they are more functional, especially if you have limited or no access to plumbing.

The best composting toilets are self-contained, which means that they don't need to be hooked up to a plumbing system. They come with built-in containers, where human waste is deposited, mixed with a dry carbon material, like peat moss, sawdust, dry leaves or straw, and decomposed until it turns into compost. The most important part is that you don't have to use any water to flush the waste, which can lead to significantly lower utility bills, not to mention that it's better for the environment.

Mid-range composting toilets have a limited number of uses until you must empty them. Their waste storage capacity varies from model to model, and it's up to you to decide between a sleek-looking toilet, but with a limited capacity and one that has a large number of uses but looks bulkier. However, even if you opt for a better-looking, low-capacity model, you won't have any difficulties when it comes to emptying the unit. With most models, you can remove the compost by opening a lid and removing a container. The final product is an odorless dirt-like material so you will be able to clean up the toilet without getting nauseous by the view or smell.

Regardless of what composting toilet you choose, you can be sure that you won't have problems creating compost for your garden. Everything takes place within the unit, away from your view, without filling up your bathroom with a foul stench.

What to Look For When Buying Composting Toilet

Central vs self-contained

Central composting systems are the most expensive and complicated because you have to connect the toilet to a large composting unit through, which involves some plumbing. Also, you may not have the necessary space to store the large composter. Self-contained composting toilets are the best choice. Though their use is limited to fewer persons, the composting is done safely within the toilet. Another advantage is that most self-contained composting toilets don't require any plumbing.

Design and comfort

The importance of a composting toilet's appearance depends on where you intend to use it. If you plan to use it rarely, in a vacation home or camping site, then the design shouldn't matter that much. Alternatively, if you want to install one in your home, then you might want to look for one that blends in with your bathroom and doesn't shout out "I am a composting toilet." Of course, comfort is also essential, especially if you intend to use the toilet on a regular basis. A unit may look attractive, but it wouldn't mean anything if you feel awkward when using it.

Hygiene and odor

Hygiene is a major concern when dealing with toilets of any kind. If you are in the market for a composting toilet, you need to look at how it disposes of waste, how much you have to interact with it and how it deals with odor. The best composting toilets keep waste sealed away, and they also come with ventilation systems to speed up the decomposing process and eliminate bad smells.

Liquid waste management

Because human waste has to be dry to decompose into compost properly, liquid waste has to be taken out of the picture. Some composting toilet models come with heating and ventilation systems for this purpose, while others have a drainage pipe for fluids. However, the most efficient units are those that store liquid and solid waste in separate containers as you use the restroom. This way, the composting process will be faster, and you don't have to install any pipes, though you will have to empty the liquid's container more often.

Portable vs non-portable

Composting toilets come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them can be carried around, while others need to be installed like a regular toilet. If you want to make fertilizer for use on a farm or if you merely want to reduce your footprint on the environment, you can find some nice-looking models that would go well in your bathroom. On the other hand, if you need a toilet in a remote location, where no plumbing is available, then a portable, self-contained composting toilet is your best bet since you don't have to hook it up to anything. Obviously, smaller toilets are more comfortable to transport, but you should also not that smaller units fill up faster and can't be used by too many people.

Waste storage and composting

When using a composting toilet, the waste doesn't just go into a simple bin or container, at least not with the best products on the market. The storage usually consists of several layers, in which human waste go through several decomposing stages. The way you handle the final product is a crucial aspect. With the best composting toilets, you usually end up with a container full of an odorless dirt-like material, while with inferior models, you may have to manually remove the waste, before it decomposes, and take it to an external composting unit.

How Much Should I Pay for Composting Toilet?

Basic Composting Toilet

You can't switch to an effective composting solution without spending a considerable amount of money. You can still find cheaper units out there, with prices of around $150, but they barely count as composting toilets, so don't expect them to decompose waste promptly, without any user intervention. Of course, if your primary concern is to have a place to go when nature calls, while out on the road or camping, a basic toilet would be a good choice.

Mid Range Composting Toilet

The most popular composting toilets on the market fall in the mid-range category. Prices start from just under $1000, and they can go as far as $1900. These are the most convenient products because they require little to no assembly and they are capable of turning human waste into compost quickly and efficiently, and you don't have to worry about bad smells or hygiene issues. The only drawback is that have a relatively small volume, so they are most suited for small households or vacation houses.

High End Composting Toilet

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line composting toilet, then you should expect to spend around $2500. Also, these toilets are far from portable. In fact, they require more assembly because they come with a sizeable composting unit, which takes up a lot of space. However, due to their high capacity, these units can be used by an entire family, and you only need to empty them once a year.